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DigiCell Participates in Revision of CWA on Materials Characterisation

DigiCell, which has set out to revolutionise the battery landscape by systematically fostering an unprecedented collaboration between materials testing and modelling partners, is participating in a collaborative effort to establish a common language for materials characterisation.

"A uniform terminology is crucial for a multidisciplinary project like DigiCell," says Marco Sebastiani, team leader from DigiCell project partner Roma Tre University and one of the leading scientists behind the Revision of the CWA. "But its importance extends beyond our project, impacting the entire field of materials characterisation and modelling. Recognising this need for a standardised language, our team from DigiCell are proud to contribute to the revision of the CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) 17815:2021 ‘Materials Characterisation – Terminology, Metadata and Classification’." Apart from Marco Sebastiani, the technical lead of the DigiCell project, Dr Nawfal Al-Zubaidi-R-Smith, will also participate in the workshop.

The CWA 17815:2021 builds upon insights from the NanoMECommons project, which fosters a transnational network for tackling challenges in nanomechanical materials characterisation across various industries and financially supports the CWA. Notably, DigiCell shares strong ties with NanoMECommons. Key partners like Keysight, University of Roma Tre, and IRES are technically involved in both projects, ensuring DigiCell's findings are incorporated into the upcoming CWA workshop.

The new CEN workshop commences on 24 May 2024. To register, please visit the CEN/CENELEC website.